Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors – (ABE) evolved from a group of individuals interested in providing a professional environment for exhibitors. A group focused in sharing their knowledge of their success with breeding lovebirds and with meeting the standards of successful breeders and exhibitors.

The goal of the organization is to have the simplicity of a modern era. An organization  where members gather to share the passion for their hobby, their expertise and experiences, and the enjoyment of being part of a mission driven club interested in serving breeders and exhibitors equally.

ABE is interested in sharing with others the new things our members experience in the world of lovebirds. We are also interested in providing up to date information on new mutations, genetics, standards for shows, ways of simplifying our hobby, nutrition and natural products that make our birds healthier, and sharing better breeding practices and techniques. ABE promotes great exciting shows, a new beginning with fresh ideas, the exchange of important information, and keeping everyone informed on the latest exciting and interesting news related to our hobby.

Our Standards and Terminology Committee developed its classifications to show simplicity and to always remain current. The Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors Show Standards were written with our members in mind and for them to understand exactly what to look for in an exhibition quality bird. We have a great team of professional experts working together to make breeding and exhibiting a fun and educational venture. Our vision is to educate and promote funding for agapornis research and to involve universities around the world in the research of different agapornis species and in a variety of related topics.

Our headquarters is in Texas, USA, we have representatives from different parts of the USA as well as in several countries to better serve your needs wherever you live.



Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors is a specialty club for the nine (9) species of birds called agapornis. The mission of the club is to provide education to the public regarding various aspects of the nine (9) species and to provide funding for research to accredited universities performing research studies and that demonstrate outcome measurements.

It is well known that exhibitions/competitions enhance the standards of breeding better birds and discourage hybridization. ABE intents to provide educational information to the breeders and exhibitors of the nine (9) species of agapornis while maintaining a professional and systematic style of management and coordination of events. Lectures, written materials, exhibitions, seminars, as well as other means of information, will be provided to members to learn how to keep the species pure in captivity. ABE is a member of the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale (COM).

It is important to us to disseminate valuable information on breeding, feeding, and environmental changes and challenges related to the agapornis species and provide important tips on how to maintain healthy birds. We are hoping to encourage others to support further research on the species and to assist in bringing awareness to the safety of the wild agapornis in their native land thus preventing some of their killing in large quantities.

We are committed to participate actively in funding research activities throughout the USA, Europe, and in Africa, the agapornis native country. Funds collected for research are fully donated to accredited universities. The organization will approve the donations upon reviewing the submitted proposals. Educational institutions will be verified for their authenticity of the proposed research activities. Approval of funding will be contingent on the agreements for the proposed outcome research measurements.

*** Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization..



Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors

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